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Eisteddfod - Y Parti

Year 4 have done a fab job to read and start learning their Eisteddfod poem.


Below is the poem with a phonetic version in red to help you practise pronouncing these word.


Don't forget our class chosen success criteria for this task:

  • Speak clearly
  • Pronounce the words correctly 
  • Use good pace - don't speak too quickly or slowly
  • Use expression - use our voice and our face add interest
  • Use gestures - use your hands and body to add interest
  • Act like we enjoy the food and party games - even if we hate jelly and jumping!
  • Stand up straight and confidently.
  • When practising, don't cover your face with the paper. Hold it lower in your hands.
  • Try your best to learn the poem and recite it without using the words.



ch = loch

dd = the

ll = cl

ei = hay

au = eye

f = v

i = ee




By Gwyn Thomas


Jam a jeli, - Jam   a   jelly

Ham a bisgedi - Ham   a   bis-ge-dee

Past samon, crystiau, - Past sa-mon,   crust-ee-eye

Diod lemon, cacennau - Dee-od    lemon,     cack-en-eye

A brechdanau, brechdanau, brechdanau. - A   brech-dan-eye,    brech-dan-eye,     brech-dan-eye


Hufen a mefus, - Hee-ven    a     mevis

Teisen felys felys, - Tay-sen    velis    velis

Dolpiau o gwstard, - Doll-pee-eye     o      goo-stard

Llyfiadau o fwstard - Lluv-ee-ad-eye     o      voo-stard 

A brechdanau, brechdanau, brechdanau. - A     brech-dan-eye,      brech-dan-eye,      brech-dan-eye


Balwnau a lliwiau, - Balloon-eye     a       lloo-ee-eye

Hetiau rhyfedd, rubanau, - Het-ee-eye     rhu-fethe,     rub-an-eye

Gemau a neidio, - G-em-eye      a       nay-dee-o

Chwarae’n wirion ac actio - Chwa-r-eye-n     wi-ree-on    ac   ac-tee-o

A brechdanau, brechdanau, brechdanau. A    brech-dan-eye,      brech-dan-eye,     brech-dan-eye


Parti - Par-tee

Harti - Har-tee

Ond - Ond


O, Mam! Dw i’n sâl! - Aw, Mam!    Doo-een    sall.



Jam and jelly,

Ham and biscuits

Salmon paste, crusts,

Lemon drink, cakes

And sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches.


Cream and strawberries,

Sweet, sweet cake,

Dollops of custard,

Licks of mustard

And sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches.


Balloons and colours,

Strange hats, ribbons,

Games and jumping,

Acting and play silly

And sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches.


Harty Party



Oh Mum! I feel ill!