Tredegarville C.i.W. Primary School

Caring, sharing, learning together

February 2015

Monday 2nd February  

Come along to the Years 5+6 Big Maths Workshop

2.00pm - School Dining Hall





Miss Cooper (our Year 5 class teacher) led this Big Maths workshop. It really was great to see so many parents at this BOP event. Thank you to everyone who came along to work with their children.  



'I liked doing Maths with my mum.'


'The workshop was really useful for parents to help their children at home.'

' Great workshop. Thank you.'

'I enjoyed coming to see the children work out the Maths work.'

Monday 9th February

 Years 3+4 Big Maths Workshop

2.00pm - School Dining Hall



Mrs Proctor led this Big Maths Session. The children were so proud to show the adults how well they can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Thank you to everyone who came along to support this BOP event.  


'We need more as today's one was very good to know the new methods.'

'I had lots of fun and got 13/24. Please may you do another one? Thank you.'

'It was great having this workshop.'



                   Wednesday 11th February  

9.00am - 11.00am



Parents learnt how to help their child if they had a breathing or choking problem, a burn or scold, a head injury, bleeding and bruising, a bone, muscle or joint injury, asthma, croup, meningitis or shock. They also learnt how to resuscitate their child.

    A certificate was awarded for doing the course

 Time Credits too 


Thank you to Mr David Ball from St John Cymru Wales who led this course.


'Very useful and informative. Interesting. Thank you. Great job.'

'Thank you so much to the school for organising this and for the great presenter Dave for the brilliant first aid course. It was very useful and practical.'

'Well explained. I enjoyed it.'

'Great information. Really useful. Loved learning. Thank you.'  

Friday 13th February

Free Nails Art Fun Session

9.00am - 11.00am


Thank you to Mrs Joanne Fitzpatrick from U Learn College for coming back to Tredegarville to led another Nail Art session. Everyone  had a very enjoyable morning learning the different nail art techniques.


'It's so nice to have a chance to learn nail art. Thank you.'

'Learnt new skills and really surprised myself. An ongoing course would be great.'

'I learnt lots today.'

'I am happy I attended because I learnt a lot and enjoyed it.'