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Year 5

Croeso i Dosbarth 5

Welcome to Year 5


People who will help me with my learning:




            Miss Laura Wynne                                  Mr Mills                                  Mrs Duhig

              Class Teacher                                          TA                                          1:1 TA




Key dates this term:


CRI Arts Project - 7th - 11th March 2022

Red Nose Day - 18th March 2022

Odd Socks Day (Down Syndrome Awareness Day) - 21st March 2022

Class ColorFoto Day - 22nd March 2022


Other important information:


Books Please return your library books every Thursday
Home learning Home learning can be found in the Google Classroom (access via Hwb). This is set every week
ClothingPlease make sure children come to school in warm waterproof coats and sensible shoes/ trainers as lots of our learning takes place outdoors



Spring Term 2 Topic: What is conflict and how is it resolved?


This term Year 5 will be learning about the central idea that people have differing points of view which can lead to conflict between opposing sides.


The concepts we will be focusing include:


  • People have differing points of view.
  • Conflict is a problem or a disagreement.
  • People need to be empathetic to be able to resolve conflict. 
  • There are different ways to resolve conflict. 



The beauty of perseverance - Part 1

Still image for this video
Four children in our class decided to write and perform a script about the beauty of perseverance. They worked so well together and showed excellent teamwork, creativity and independence. These children should feel really proud of themselves :)

The video has been split into 2 parts as the original was too long to upload in one go.

The beauty of perseverance - Part 2

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Spring Term 1 Topic: What is beauty?


Welcome back! We hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas holiday. This term Year 5 will be learning about the central idea that people see, appreciate and create beauty in different ways.


The concepts we will be focusing include:

  • Beauty pleases the aesthetic senses.

  • Beauty is subjective. 

  • Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.


Autumn 2 Topic: Taking Action

This term Year 5 will be learning about how to be ethically informed citizens with a focus on the central idea that people take action to make life fairer for others. 


The concepts we will be focusing are:


  • Children have rights.  

  • There is a difference between wants, needs and rights.  

  • To make a change we need to take action.  

  • Different people are responsible for upholding rights in my locality and in Wales. 


Year 5 2021-22

Autumn 1 Topic: Our Digital World

This term Year 5 will be learning about digital algorithms with a focus on the central idea that many aspects of modern life are underpinned by digital algorithms. 















Year 5 2020-21

Year 5 are learning all about WW2! We are going to be looking at rationing, life during the war, the Blitz  and so much more! We are looking forward to finding out lots of information and having wonderful discussions!

Year 5!


We are really missing seeing you in school at the moment but we have very exciting things to learn on Google Classroom this half term!


Our context for this half term is......

I can't wait to explore our topic with you! We will be learning lots of new things and doing lots of fun activities! It is a context filled with music, fashion and famous events!


We will be working on Google Classroom at home so make sure that you're logging in to find your home learning every day! You can get onto this by logging onto your hwb account and clicking on Google for Education.                     


Here are the links for a few of the sites you can use to continue your learning:        (The class code is tyk1585)



As always, if you need to contact me, my email address is:


I will check these emails in work time, so might not get back to you until the next day. If there is something more urgent, ring school on 029 20483680 to speak to Mrs Chambers.


Mrs Beaven





Building shelters on our island! An exciting start to our context!

How to use Google Classroom