Tredegarville C.i.W. Primary School

Caring, sharing, learning together

Year 1

laugh Welcome back to school and into your Year 1 classroom! laugh


Hello all, we are so looking forward to welcoming you into your new classroom and getting to know you. 


We understand that coming back to school will be both exciting and perhaps worrying for some. We will be reminding ourselves about how to keep each other safe through regular handwashing and remembering to use tissues if we need to cough or sneeze.  


We will spend time learning and talking about our feelings, and have lots of time to reconnect with our friends who we have missed so much.  



Our topic this term is Carnival. We will look at the world famous Notting Hill Carnival and learn about the people who take part, the food, costumes and music. We will also think about Carnivals that are local to us.  



Mrs Wood, Mrs Parveen and Miss Ley