Tredegarville C.i.W. Primary School

Caring, sharing, learning together

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


We are looking forward to meeting you and enjoying the coming year. We are going to have lots of fun exploring and learning together! laugh


Our first term will be all about who cares for us. We will be exploring our families and others that can care for us, when we need it.


We will be enjoying 'the colour monster' story and investigating our feelings and what to do when we a feel certain way.



You will have twp teachers in Year 1, Mrs Parveen will be in Monday-Wednesday and Mrs Maiorano will be in Wednesday mornings and Thursday, Fridays. Your other teacher in the classroom will be Miss Islam, who you already know from reception.


We are so looking forward to welcoming you!


Mrs Parveen, Mrs Maiorano and Miss Islam















Year 1 had a great Sports Week this week. Enjoy the photos and all the children worked so hard and made a fantastic effort!!


We had a star jump challenge of how many star jumps the children could do in one minute - the highest number was 58. 


We also did a running and jumping race and long jump. 


A wonderful but tiring Sports Week!!!




Exploring Light and Dark Through Shadow Puppet Theatres- Summer Term A


This term the children have been exploring light and dark. They have become wonderful experimenters and investigators, making predictions and discovering lots of new things about how to make shadows. 


The children have worked especially hard on creating their own shadow puppet theatres. This has been done in their independent Bright Idea time. The children have shown excellent team working skills, listening to one another's ideas, taking turns and helping one another. They have also shown fantastic problem solving skills. 


Please enjoy these photos of their work. 



Exploring light and dark using puppet theatres

Hello Year 1. Welcome to Spring term! For our topic this term we will be exploring stories about dragons and castles. We will also be looking at the connections between colour and our emotions. 


Here are some of key stories we will be reading;

Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris

Colour Monster by Anna Llenas

My Many Coloured Days by Dr Seuss










We will be using Seesaw as our online learning platform and is has been great to see all your work on there already. If you have any issues with logging in then please e-mail us on or 


Some additional useful website you can access are below     username:jan21     password:home

laugh Welcome back to school and into your Year 1 classroom! laugh


Hello all, we are so looking forward to welcoming you into your new classroom and getting to know you. 


We understand that coming back to school will be both exciting and perhaps worrying for some. We will be reminding ourselves about how to keep each other safe through regular handwashing and remembering to use tissues if we need to cough or sneeze.  


We will spend time learning and talking about our feelings, and have lots of time to reconnect with our friends who we have missed so much.  



Our topic this term is Carnival. We will look at the world famous Notting Hill Carnival and learn about the people who take part, the food, costumes and music. We will also think about Carnivals that are local to us.  



Mrs Wood, Mrs Parveen and Miss Ley