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Year 1

Dear Parents 

This term we have been learning about place value and partitioning numbers.  The children have enjoyed playing online math games to support this.

Here is a link for the children to access at home.



The children enjoy making lovely creations out of junk, but we run out very quickly.  Please could you save your junk and bring it in for the children to use, eg. milk cartons/tops, butter dishes, yoghurt pots, cereal boxes or anything that can be recycled.

Many thanks.


Dear Parents

Some parents have asked me for spellings and words for the children in year 1 to learn.  I have explained to them that all of the words that the children are expected to read during their time in the foundation phase can be found in their reading record books.  There are also some of the sounds that we do during our letters and sound sessions.  Please have a look with your child.  you could perhaps go through the sounds and practice reading and spelling some of the common words for Year 1.  

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Picture 2

Spring Term

Welcome back we hope you enjoyed your holidays!

This term we are doing a mini topic for Chinese New Year where the children will be telling you all about what they have learned in our class assembly on Tuesday 5th February.   We have been learning about the traditions around Chinese New Year and the children are excited to be able to sing to you in Chinese.  We hop to be able to enjoy some food from our local Chinese take away too.  


After our assembly we will be starting  our topic about roads and rivers, up and down and will link this in to our local area which will lead into our Eisteddfod.

The children will continue to develop their literacy, math skills through our topic. 


This term PE has changed to Tuesdays, please ensure that your child has a change of clothes to change into.



Please practice our 'learn its' from the last 2 terms.

0+10=10         6+4=10    

1+9=10            7+3=10

2+8=10           8+2=10

3+7=10            9+1=10

4+6=10           10+0=10



4+2=       4+3=

5+2=       5+3=

6+3=      6+3=





In Literacy we will continue to develop their reading skills by having daily phonics and High Frequency word sessions.

Autumn Term 1

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