Tredegarville C.i.W. Primary School

Caring, sharing, learning together

January 2015

Friday 9th January

4 weeks Jewellery Making Course started

9.00am - 11.00am - Main School Hall


Thank you so much to Mrs Nicky Condon for leading this course. She will be returning to our school for another BOP course. smiley


'I liked making things and chatting with the ladies.'

'Really enjoyed this course. Nicky has lots of patience and a vast knowledge in this area.'

' I liked meeting other mums and we had a good time.'

Wednesday 14th January

Free Nails Art Fun Session

9.00am - 10.30am  School Dining Hall


Mrs Joanne Fitzgerald from U Learn College led a thoroughly enjoyable session about Nail Art. Everyone was given the opportunity to have a go at the different techniques that are used for this beauty treatment. 

'Really enjoyed learning all different things about nails. Hope there will be more to come.'

'Is good to learn different things. I'm happy to do it again.'

'I really enjoyed it. I liked it.'



Wednesday 14th January

5 weeks Computer Course started

1.30pm - 2.45pm  School IT Suite


Congratulations to everyone who attended this course to further improve your computer skills!  

Thursday 22nd January

1.45pm-2.45pm School Main Hall


Winter Wonderland Party Session for Nursery


Thank you to Mrs Liz Mullen  ( for leading this fun filled session. We all so much enjoyed singing songs and doing activities using the parachute, musical instruments and ribbon streamers! We even had a snow storm at the end of the afternoon!!  


Thursday 29th January

Nursery 'Language and Play' Workshops started

    1.45pm - 2.45pm  School Main Hall

 Mrs Leyshon led the LAP workshops.