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Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 Page!



Autumn A


The Year 2 children  have already settled wonderfully into their new class and are a happy, enthusiastic and friendly class.  smiley


Our topic for this half term is called: 'If I were an animal...' and year 2 will  begin by planning this topic together!


We will talk about what we already know about animals, and what we would like to find out about animals. This could be, the way animals communicate, their eating habits, or why animals live in different places and what they need to survive in their habitats. Year 2 may decide they want to design and create a completely new and original animal - who knows?!


Whatever they decide to do as a class, we are going to have lots of fun, exploring familiar and new ways of learning both in the classroom and online. 


As mathematicians, the children will be practising counting, addition and subtraction this term. It would be helpful if you could practise these skills with your children at home. They could count forwards and backwards to 20 (and keep going if they can!), they could add and subtract things together that you find around your home, like grapes, pasta or buttons, and then show them what this looks like in a number sentence e.g. '14 + 5 = '. Practising these skills both in home and at school can help the children to become confident mathematicians! 


As writers, year 2 will be learning how to use adjectives, verbs, connectives and lots of interesting vocabulary! This will help us to create descriptions, imaginative and creative writing. 


Thank you,

Miss Burman

Wash your hands :)

How to help at home:


Practise reading their reading books regularly for short periods of time during the week and return their book bags once a week. Read their library book to them as a bedtime or evening story - listening to stories read aloud by an adult really helps to develop vocabulary for writing. You could even create an imaginative story together, using pictures or experiences to help you and your child along the way.


Reading record books have many words which are useful for the children to practise, here you will also find sounds we regularly look at together.  

Miss Burman 


Mrs Roberts

Mrs Duhig