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Autumn 2


The Year 2  class enjoyed their first topic this year: 'Exploring Cardiff', especially when we followed our own maps and directions to St German's Church!


This term our topic is 'Born to be Wild' where the children will be finding out about animal classifications. 

The children will become zoologists, researching information about different animals to find out what makes them a specific type of animal, why they belong to their group, what animals eat and their habitats. If any child has a particular interest in an animal, please do not hesitate to request we look at this animal in class!

The children will have opportunities to become writers when we dive into animal poetry and alliteration. 

We are encouraging the children to read to a 'reading buddy' which is a teddy of their choice. It would be great to continue this idea at home, if possible. 


In maths, our mathematicians will be learning to sort objects into different classifications. We will also be looking at the value of money, learning how to pay for items and even exploring change. 


Thank you 

Miss Burman

Autumn A


 The Year 2 children  have already settled smoothly into their new class and are a delightful, enthusiastic and friendly group.  smiley


Our topic for this half term is 'Exploring Cardiff'.

Year 2 will  begin by thinking about our surroundings, where we live and the people who help us.


As part of this topic we will be visiting St German's Church. 


As mathematicians, the children will be learning about position and direction. So at home it would be fantastic if you could be sure to use 'left' and 'right' as much as possible! The children will also be using 3D shapes to create a junk model map of their community. 


Year 2 will be learning how to sequence events in writing and how to use verbs, connectives and lots of interesting vocabulary about movement in order to improve writing skills. At the end of the topic they will use these skills to write directions from our school to St German's Church.


Thank you,

Miss Burman

Following our written directions to St German's Church.

Following our written directions to St German's Church. 1 Do we turn left or right?
Following our written directions to St German's Church. 2 Hm, I wonder which way to turn next?
Following our written directions to St German's Church. 3 I know, we can check our map!
Following our written directions to St German's Church. 4 We can check our directions too!

How to help at home:


Practise reading their reading books regularly for short periods of time during the week and return their book bags once a week. Read their library book to them as a bedtime or evening story - listening to stories read aloud by an adult really helps to develop vocabulary for writing. You could even create an imaginative story together, using pictures or experiences to help you and your child along the way.


Reading record books have many words which are useful for the children to practise, here you will also find sounds we regularly look at together.