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Year 4

Croeso i Flwyddyn 4

Welcome to Year 4


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                     Mrs M. Greet                                           Mrs S. Evans

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Important Information


Please ensure that your child logs on to Google classroom (via HWB) every Monday for their spellings for the week.

Please take time to listen to your child read and return their book every Monday so it can be changed.

Spring 2 2022

This term we will be researching how plants and animals depend on each other.  The children will use this question as a start to their research.  They will then be able to write a report or create a power point to present their findings to the rest of the class.

   Spring Term 1 2022

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda - Happy New Year


This half term we are looking at how things are presented in many ways to influence us.  We will be looking at how media, advertisements and people influence the choices that we make. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM all of us in Year 4. We have been writing down our dreams and wishes for the year ahead.

Spring Term 2022. This terms topic is 'People can present things in different ways in order to influence you' With Mrs Morgan we will be looking at advertising posters, designing our own advertising posters to convince someone to buy something, looking at false advertising (expectation v reality)  and doing some persuasive writing. 

Hi All

I can't tell you how excited I am to be moving to Year 4 this year.  Having had the pleasure of teaching the children in Year 1, I know that they will all try their best and work hard.

Our first topic for the term looks at Expressive Arts and Humanities.  We will be looking at how cultural identity can be expressed through art. 

The pupils will be learning about how cultural identity is expressed from Wales and beyond. As part of a multicultural school we will be able to gain an insight into many different cultures.  

The pupils will continue to develop teamwork and build positive relationships through all our subjects.

Just the same as the previous academic year, the children will be having daily outdoor fitness sessions instead of weekly PE sessions.  Therefore, please ensure that your child wears suitable footwear for doing fitness and games in.

Many thanks

Mrs Greet



September 2021. Expressing our cultural identities through art. The chidren chose a medium to use and created a piece of art that represents their cultural identities. Here are a few examples of the children's work.

Some of the children brought in Cultural pieces from their homes. Here are some Ethiopian pieces. Thank you for sharing them with the class.

During Outdoor fitness this term we learned how to play Hockey.

Year 4's first visit to St German's Church since year 2.

Desk Drumming is not only great fun but it is a great movement break.

We have been learning lots of Welsh this term. Ble wyt ti'n byw? Where do you live? We've also learned all the welsh words for different subjects at school.

As part of our Roald Dahl day, we used our measuring skills to measure our stride to compare it with the BFG's stride. None of us had a stride nearly as long as the BFG's. Great measuring skills Year 4.

We expressed ourselves through painting. Can you guess how the children were feeling when they painted these pictures, that are beautifully displayed in class.

Friday 12th November- This weeks stars of the week, for exceptional reading, beating their times tables beat that score and for writing an excellent party invitation. Congratulations to you all!

Autumn Term 2- Our new topic this term is 'The earth is made from many materials that can be changed in a variety of ways. We are researching wood and the pros and cons of using it . Is it sustainable?

We all wrote our own thoughts regarding the pros and cons, here are a few examples of the children's work.

As part of our Topic, the children chose to do a creative mission. The children did lots of research on Chromebooks, chose a Christmas decoration to make, wrote a plan of what they are going to make and what resources they are going to need and are now busy creating their decorations. Keep posted for more pictures of their progress. Year 4 love to chose their own learning!

Autumn Term 2- We are learning to play Netball this term in Outdoor Fitness. We have been focused on the three main passes in Netball, the chest pass, the shoulder pass and the overhead pass. The children are developing their skills day by day.

As part of our ongoing topic we have been learning all about coal with Mrs Morgan. We learnt how coal is formed and completed coal formation sheets. We researched the history of coal and designed coal related pictures using charcoal, the children produced fantastic pieces of art.

Here are the children's fantastic charcoal art.

We are busy creating our coal mine pictures, keep posted for the finished masterpieces.

We had so much fun digging for coal. We used chocolate chip cookies and could only use toothpicks to dig for the coal, NO HANDS ALLOWED!

Just look at the concentration on their faces! Great fine motor skills Year 4.

Friday 19th November. This weeks stars of the week were chosen for their great story writing during guided group reading, excellent missions planning and for being dedicated to their work all week. Congratulations to you all!

Our next skill in Netball was attacking and defence play. Learning to dodge and run to a space.

Great footwork and movement from this young man.

Still image for this video

During R.E lessons we have been exploring the meaning of Christianity. The children worked collaboratively to match the different statements together. Christians believe that God made the world- so they care for the earth.

The children have been so focused practising their makaton for our upcoming Christmas performance, we can't wait to share it with you.

Friday 26th November - This weeks stars of the week have had a great week, going up a level on big maths, great reading and comprehension during guided group reading and for showing 100% effort and focus to all of her learning. Congratulations to you all.

Week Beginning 29th December- Outdoor fitness. For netball this week we are practising shooting techniques. We concentrated on shooting overhead, one handed and how to use our feet to help push up to gain height on the ball. Perfectly demonstrated by Mrs Ryan!

A big thankyou to Pc Rhys who came to talk to us and tell us all about the dangers of strangers. We talked about different scenarios and what would be the best thing to do.

We had a special visitor this week Alfie the Elf! He left us a video message telling us all about himself and what he got up to last year in Year 4. Today he left us a special coded message from Santa to work out. The children were very excited to meet him.

Wednesday 1st December- The children had a very productive day with Mrs Morgan this week. Art work was completed as part of our on going theme of Coal. Mrs Morgan and Mrs Ryan were so impressed by their expressive writing, writing their final diary entries and a description of their chocolate chip mining activity. Da iawn Dosbarth Pedwar. Look at their work below!

After writing their diary entries into their books the children typed their final piece of work on chrome books.

Some of the children chose to write their final diary entries onto special paper.

The children completed their Coal mine silhouette art work this week.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Year 4, all of the children put a decoration on the tree.

Thursday 2nd December-Alfie was being very kind today, he tried to decorate our Christmas tree as a surprise but he got tangled up in the lights!

Friday 3rd December- Alfie has been up to mischief today. He brought in an advent calendar for Year 4, BUT he ate all of the chocolates!

We have put some of our amazing work on display. We have all worked so hard learning about coal with Mrs Morgan, we've produced wonderful expressive writing, silhouette artwork, charcoal artwork and formation of coal facts. Coal is Glorious!

Friday 3rd December- Congratulations to this weeks star's of the week.

Week beginning 6th December- Alfie went missing.

Where oh where has Alfie gone?

Alfie's friend Fern is very concerned and asked us all to help find Alfie. She put up missing posters all around the school.

Alfie sleighed back into Year 4 after spending the day in Year 3. A big thankyou to all of the children who helped find Alfie, especially Year 5.

We have all been so busy creating our Christmas decorations. We have been using the tools and tool bench, the glue gun has been very busy, we've been spray painting and even the hairdryer came out to help with the drying process. We can't wait to take them home to share with our families.

Wednesday 8th December- Alfie popped on his dressing gown and enjoyed watching a film with his friend Fern and a bowl of popcorn.

This term during Outdoor fitness we have been learning all the skills for netball with Mrs Ryan. We have learned passes, the correct footwork, defensive and attacking play and finally shooting. This week we put all of our skills into practise with a full game. The children have really impressed us and we believe we have some amazing netball players in Year 4.

Friday 10th December- The children arrived at school to see Alfie all toasty. He was feeling cold but then he was all toasty. We can't wait to see what he gets up to next week!

This weeks Star's of the week, for lovely neat handwritng and great maths work