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ProMo-Cymru Informed Families Project Workshop

Ms Kathryn Allen from ProMo-Cymru visited our school to lead the 'Informed Families' workshop.  Parents/family members were invited to be involved in a discussion/complete questionnaires about family services in Cardiff.


Kathryn wanted to find out how parents/families get the information they need and what sort of information is important to them.


Thank you so much to all the parents/family members who gave up their time to help Kathryn with her research. She really enjoyed working with you all and your feedback really helped her with her work.



Please click to open the Questionnaire feedback

As a result of the Questionnaire feedback/comments we are going to do the following:-

  • Purchase an information rack. This will be placed in the school entrance area and will contain information about the different services available for our families.
  • Hold a BOP Information Event. This is going to be held on Thursday 26th March from 2.30pm onwards. Please come along to find out more about different Cardiff services/organiations. For example  Communities First, Family Information Services, Cardiff Housing Association and Credit Union.  
  • Coming soon - Links to certain Cardiff services will be available on our school website.