Tredegarville C.i.W. Primary School

Caring, sharing, learning together

Year 3

We are been learning about how to sort shapes. Here are some of our Venn diagrams.

Our Topic is 'Our World' so we have started by making our own worlds!

Today we explored the mathematicians that we have been named after! Archimedes, Robert Recorde, Benjamin Benneker and Catherine Johnson.

Welcome Year 3!


I am very much looking forward to this next year with you all!

We are going to explore, create and learn so much and have loads and loads of fun!


The other teachers in Year 3 are Mrs Evans, Mrs Kibble and Mrs Neale. We are all excited to get to know you and work with you. 


Let the learning begin! 


Miss Rafferty


If you or any parents need to contact me outside of school hours you can email me -



Spellings for the week beginning 21st October.

Please can you help your child learn their spellings for Monday. Thank you!


on, not, pot, top, 

dog, pop, god.



chin, chip, chicken, much,

such, rich, chug, check, chill.



cue, Sue, true, glue,

blue, clue, fuel, duel.



cook, play, jump, work, 

cooked, played, jumped, worked.