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Year 3

Spellings for week beginning 9th June


Amethyst - ar

car, cart, bar,

bark, hard, park, 

market, far. 


Buddstone - er

letter, hammer, ladder,

supper, dinner, boxer, 

better, summer, banner.


Citrine - ph

phone, dolphin, alphabet,

elephant, sphinx, phantom

We have been learning about how sound works. We had great fun making string telephones!

Year 3 have been trying to understand what it would be like to be visually impaired. It was so hard to do everyday tasks!

Spellings for week beginning 6th May

Amethyst - oa

coat, goat, load, loaf,

road, soap, oak, toad,

foal, boat.


Buddstone - aw

saw, claw, yawn, shawl, 

jaw, raw, lawn, 

paw, drawer.


Citrine - air

air, fair, hair, pair,

stairs, chair, funfair,

airport, fairy, dairy.


Dolomite - pronouns.

I - my - mine

you - your - yours

he - his - his

she - her - hers

it - its - its

we - our - ours

they - their - theirs

We have really enjoyed reenacting Holy Week this week. 😇 Today we acted out Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Happy Easter everyone! 🌞🌴💛

Maundy Thursday in Year 3. We were sad when Jesus (Rhys) told us (his disciples) that this would be our last supper. We drank "wine" as a symbol of his blood, and bread as a symbol of his body. He washed our feet and told us to always love one another.

Cheese scones are on the menu this week 😊

Celebrating Palm Sunday in Year 3!

Spelling for week beginning 7th April

Amethyst -igh

high, sigh, light, night,

might, right, fight, tonight. 


Buddstone - ea

ear, dear, fear, gear,

near, tear, beard, hear.


Citrine - ue

clue, glue, true, cue, 

issue, tissue, due, venue, value.


Dolomite - less/able

painless, tuneless, fearless, breathless,

thankless, avoidable, enjoyable, likable,

breakable, sinkable. 


Well done to our violinists for their bravery, talent and perseverance. You rehearsed so much and it really paid off. Keep up the good work!

Another fantastic performance from Year 3 in thier class assembly. You are all super stars!

Spellings for week beginning 25th March

Amethyst - ai

wait, hail, pain, sail,

main, rain, bait, fail. 


Buddstone - ow

now, down, owl, cow,

how, town, frown, towel


Citrine - oy

boy, toy, annoy, joy,

destroy, decoy, royal, employ.

Dolomite - cross off y and add ier

happy - happier

chilly - chillier

funny - funnier

lucky - luckier

heavy - heavier

This weeks Cool time award goes to Sarah Rosa.

This weeks Cool time award goes to Sarah Rosa. 1

Year 3 had the time of their lives making 1 minute timers!

Ask Year 3 about the differences between mixing colour and mixing light! We had lots of fun experimenting!

Year 3 have been building international relationships with Škola slobodného učenia - Ateliér les, which can be translated as The School of Free learning - Forest Atelier. Yesterday we had our first video call! We had so many questions!

This weeks Cool time award goes to Alex.

This weeks Cool time award goes to Alex.  1

Spellings for week beginning 17th March


Amethyst - ng

ring, hang, song, 

long, sing, ping - pong,

king, rang, bang.


Buddstone - ea

sea, seat, bead, 

read, meat, treat,

heap, least, repeat, steamy.


Citrine - ur

fur, burn, urn,

burp, curl, hurt, 

surf, turn, turnip, curds.


Dolomite - comparatives.

big - bigger

hot - hotter

thin - thinner

fat - fatter

wet - wetter

Spellings for week beginning 11th March


Amethyst - th

them, then, this

that, with, moth

thin, thick, bath, path.


Buddstone - or

for, fork, cord,

pork, sort, born, 

worn, fort, torn, cornet.


Citrine - i - e

like, time, pine,

ripe, shine, slide, 

nice, prize, invite, inside.


Dolomite - comparatives

quick, quicker, quickest,

cold, colder, coldest,

long, longer, longest,

tall, taller, tallest,

nice, nicer, nicest,

close, closer, closest

Missions for week beginning 04.03.19

Missions for week beginning 04.03.19 1
The children have been working so hard during P.E lessons over the last term to learn dances from around the world. In groups the children chose a country and created their own dance from their experiences in previous lessons. Each group preformed their dances to their parents at a showcase on Tuesday 19th February and were all fantastic. Da iawn Year 3. A big thank you to all of the parents who were able to come and watch and support their children.  

Dances from around the world.

Make some noise! Our Samba workshop with Patrick @creativeadvent

Spellings for week beginning 19.02.19
Buddstone Citrine Dolomite
quit coat honey bush
quiz goat donkey glass
quick load turkey watch
quack loaf valley church
liquid road money brush
  soap jockey dish
  oak chimney witch
  toad trolley fox
  foal   mix
  boat   stitch


We have been exploring Stop motion animation.

Missions and Bright Idea for week beginning 4th February

Missions and Bright Idea for week beginning 4th February  1

Foley Sound Workshop


Year 3 had a great time exploring how Foley sound can be used to create sound affects in film. We used everyday objects to create sounds like people swimming, heart beats, hail storms and windy weather, horses galloping, all sorts! Ask Year 3 what they can tell you about the magical world of Foley sound. 

Spellings to learn for Monday 4th February 
Amethyst Buddstone Citrine Dolomite
zip high haul windows
Zac sigh haunt schools
buzz might Autumn displays
jazz night automatic tables
zig-zag right sauce games
  fight launch pockets
  tonight August times
  sight author ropes
    pause ponds
    fraud books


Year 3 have been learning all about the reasons why some people pray, who or what they are praying to, and what people are praying for. After a lovely activity with our prayer bucket, Year 3 wrote some very thoughtful prayer tags. We will put them up in our Spiritual Area and pray they will be answered. 

Huge 'Thank you' to Dave for coming into Year 3 and teaching us all about the Saint Johns Services and some basic first aid.

Year 3 have been working with Ashley from the Sherman Theater. He has been coming in and teaching us all about the joys of Physical Theater and how it can make story telling very interactive and interesting. 

We are only at the beginning of our project with Ashley, we can't wait to see where these new skills will take us! 

Why is water such an important symbol in the Christian faith?

Year 3 came up with some fantastic and very thoughtful ideas. They wrote them down in chalk on the playground, chose their top 5 and washed the others away. 

Our science experiment on how different liquids can affect our teeth
After learning about when William Gladstone ended the tax on sugar and this affected had the standard of oral hygiene of people in the Victorian era, Year 3 conducted a fascinating experiment exploring if different liquids can be good or bad for our teeth

We didn't use real teeth in our experiments, we used egg shells to imitate the enamel on our teeth.

Ask our children what they found out about the different liquids. It was smelly business collecting our findings!



Victorian Christmas Workshop


What a success! We had great fun making crackers, pomanders, garlands, mulled apple juice, baubles and marbling paper. 

Thank you to all the parents who came and joined in with our Victorian festivities! 

A huge thank you to Mrs Ryan and Miss Edwards for clearing the classroom afterwards! 


We hope you have just as much fun with your own christmas traditions this holiday. 



What a fantastic day out in Bristol!

We had so much fun visiting the SS Great Britain.

We learned lots of interesting facts about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and what it was like to be a Victorian on a great ship like the SS Great Britain.

Year 3 represented Tredgarville School impeccably, which was noted by our tour guide!

Huge thank you once again for our parent helpers who make this all possible. 

Here is the copy of the letter for the upcoming trip in Year 3.

The Big Pit


Year 3 had a fantastic time at the Big Pit yesterday. We learned so much about the importance of the mining industry to Wales, how the mining industry developed to keep up with the demand of the 'black diamonds'.  We learned about how they used horses, children and dogs down in the mine too! 

I can't wait to share the wonderful pieces of work that come as a result of this fantastic trip!

Huge thank you to Mrs Osborn and Mrs Singh for helping us out! We wouldn't be able to give the children these amazing experiences without your time and support. 

Missions and Bright idea for week commencing 19.11.18

Missions and Bright idea for week commencing 19.11.18 1
Missions and Bright idea for week commencing 19.11.18 2

Spellings for this week - 19.11.18

Spellings for this week - 19.11.18 1

Missions and Bright Idea for this week

Missions and Bright Idea for this week 1
Missions and Bright Idea for this week 2

This week's spellings!

Group 1 (+ed)

Group 2 (ea) Group 3 (y)

Group 4 (f/ff)

cook seat yap of
cooked teach yes off
play read yoga fit


yum-yum fin
jump treat yoga fun
jumped least yet huff
work meat yell puff
worked steam yo-yo cuff
look bead   fan
looked repeat   fat