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Peer Mediators

DECEMBER 2023- Sharing Good practice with children from Goyte Fawr.

Presentation time.

NOVEMBER 2023- Day 2 of Peer Mediator Training.

NOVEMBER 2023- Day 1 of Peer Mediator training.

Our Year 5 Peer Mediators are fully embracing their new roles. They are all doing a great job and we are so proud of them.

Peer Mediators 2022 2023

November 2021. Congratulations to our Year 6 and Year 5 Peer Mediators. You all worked so hard to achieve this position, firstly through a written application and finally an interview with Mrs Ryan and Ms Constantinou, we are very proud of you and you should be very proud of yourselves too .We are looking forward to our training this week.

Our Year 5 Peer Mediators.

Thursday 2nd December- Peer Mediators training Day 1. We started the day by discussing the importance of talking in a circle, using a talking piece and how it helps people communicate better, as they can see each other. The children then wrote three things that they thought would make a good talking piece.

We all have different opinions and that's ok. The children stepped forward if they agreed with a statement read out loud, For example Cats are better than dogs. It is of upmost importance that as a peer mediator you do not have an opinion during a restorative meeting!

Good and Bad listening techniques during a Peer mediator meeting- We discussed what we need to do to show that we are good listeners- Keep eye contact, look interested and show that you care, face the children, offer encouraging words such as "tell me more" and "ok", know when to remain silent and making noises to show you are listening, for example- "mmmm" and "uh-huh" Next we explored Bad listening techniques such as No eye contact and looking the other way, interrupting them as they speak, one upmanship, by relating what's happened to them to you and by giving your own opinion and taking sides. .

We noted down all of the techniques we both discussed and practised.

Training Day 2- What happened? - Everyone sees things a little differently. They each have their own perspective. We looked at different pictures and discussed what we could see.

How things affect what we think and how we feel? When something happens to you or someone else, a lot of the time there is a thought and feeling that happens before an action. This is really important because when we can remember what we were thinking and feeling it can tell us a little bit about why we did something.

Next we looked at the need cards. Need cards are a very important tool during a peer mediator meeting as they offer a visual representation of what we need from each other. Most importantly we agreed that we do not need things to make us happy but in fact, many of the needs on the cards such as Respect, Friendship, Honesty, Trust and Love, all of which are important to everyone.

Keeping a record- It's good practise to write about the children we help as Peer Mediator's. Rather than write it on a random piece of paper that could easily get lost, we will be given a form to fill out, which we will take to Mrs Ryan. Next it was time to put all our skills and what we have learned to the test.

Finally we discussed the importance of confidentiality. We must not discuss the meetings with our friends or our families. We can't keep secrets as Peer Mediator's and we must tell a teacher if we are unsure about anything. Our emotional and physical safety is important too, so we will be having supervision, which will involve meeting with Mrs Ryan to talk about how we are finding being a Peer Mediator. To end our 2 great days of training we each wrote something we like about each other on a post it note and put it on that persons back. We read our nice words and finished the day feeling happy after both giving and receiving compliments and kind words.

Presentation time- Ms Constantinou kindly came to present us with our Peer Mediator certificates. We are now fully trained, highly skilled and enthusiastic Peer mediators who cannot wait to begin our roles next week.

Fully qualified - On both training days you were all enthusiastic, dedicated and focused on learning all the skills to help you in your role. Mrs Ryan had a lovely 2 days with you all and is super proud of you.

Week beginning 6th December 2021.

Our Peer Mediators began their role this week and all of them did AN AMAZING JOB! We are so proud of them. smiley