Tredegarville C.i.W. Primary School

Caring, sharing, learning together

March 2015

Tredegarville  International  Food Festival

Monday 2nd March

1.30pm – Main School Hall


A big thank you to every one who came along to support this BOP event. Thank you to all the family members who spent time making  something for us share and enjoy. Thank you to 'Food Coop' , 'Oasis', 'Communities First' and 'Love Food Hate Waste'  for joining us too. Such an enjoyable afternoon with such delicious food!! smiley




Free Cookery Course      

Wednesday 4th March    

1.30pm – 3.00pm       Main School Hall



Thank you to Jo Tarling from 'Love Food Hate Waste' for leading this workshop. Jo provided lots of useful and interesting top tips to help us make the most of our food and ways in which we can save money on our weekly food bill. For more information have a look at the website




'Great insight on how we can save on food wastage.'

'Very helpful and interesting.'

'Very useful tips. Enjoyed it.'



Tuesday 10th March 

Free 'Energy Best Deal' Workshop

9.00am - 10.30am


Thank you Lorna from Communities First for joining us today. You provided lots of useful ways in which we can save energy and reduce our bills.  

'The presentation was very good. The place was organised very nicely and the TV was clear to see the presentation. Thank you.'

'Today's session was very useful and loads of information was given on how to save energy on household bills.'

'I'm thankful that I came.'



'Once Upon a Time' Workshop for Reception

Wednesday 11th March 9.00am - 10.00am


We were very lucky to have Mrs Williams (Baden Powell Family Engagement Officer/Communities First) to lead this workshop. It was so lovely to see so many mums, dads and grandparents coming into school to work with the children. Mrs Williams  prepared lots of activities for us all to enjoy. We listened carefully to the story 'Pat the Dog' by Gus Clarke then chose an activity. There was lots of cutting, sticking, drawing, talking  and writing! A very busy morning! smiley 


'Enjoyed being with my daughter, had a lovely hour.'

'Enjoyable morning with my children.'

'Great activity.'

'Wonderful opportunity to work with my child.'    

Monday 16th March

Dad's Day Out 

We all had such an enjoyable afternoon at Baden Powell Primary School. Thank you to Barbara for leading this session. We learnt lots of interesting facts about all the insects you brought with you. It was great fun stamping the ground and searching for worms!!

Thank you to Mrs Williams for organising our afternoon. We hope we will return to Baden Powell sometime in the future. smiley

Tuesday 17th March

Families Learning Together

Numeracy Workshop for Years 1 and 2 

Thank you to Catherine and Pauline from Families Learning Together for leading such a fun filled session! Right from the start of the workshop we were busy busy with our mums and dads. Scissors at the ready, we had lots of cutting to do to make our games. There was lots to do to help us with our Numeracy work and we were able to take all our games home too!!  smiley



Friday  20th March 

BOP Manicure Course

Thank you Joanne and Kelly from U Learn College for training our mums the skills needed to achieve a Manicure Diploma. 

Also, thank you to Communities First for providing the venue for this 1 day course.

Well done everyone for attending this worth while training!! We hope Joanne and Kelly will return sometime in the future to teach us new skills. smiley

Thursday 26th March  

BOP Information for Families Event

2.45pm - School Dining Hall


Thank you to Family Information Services, SOVA, Action for Children, Willows High School and Cardiff Community Housing Association for joining us for this event. You provided our parents/family members with lots of useful information.





Friday 27th March   Prize Giving and Celebrations Assembly


There were lots of achievements to be celebrated at our assembly. Congratulations everyone! smiley smiley


               We also had to say goodbye to Mrs Williams and Miss McClory.              We will miss you both very much.