Tredegarville C.i.W. Primary School

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Our 'Inspiring the Future' Week

Our 'Inspiring the Future' week took place in October. We discussed and wrote about our hopes and dreams for the future. We also invited people to talk about their school life experiences and the jobs they have today.


Mrs Anna George (school governor) talked about her experiences of going to university. She also discussed one of her favourite past times - being a member of a choir.


Mr Greg Dixon (a vet) and his veterinary nurse Elaine brought animals to school.


Ms Jenny Wilmott talked to Year 6 about being a Member of Parliament (MP).


Ms Sally Feyi Wabaso who is an occupational therapist spoke to Year 5 about her experiences when travelling.


Mrs Verity Pyke and Emily visited us during our Inspiring the Future Week. Verity is a past pupil of Tredegarville and is now a teacher (and a full time mum to Emily).


Ms Sinead Melinn spoke to Year 6 about what it is like to work for Cardiff City Football Club.


Ms Jenny Rathbone talked to Year 5 about what she has to do in the community as a member of the Welsh Assembly.


Mrs Jane Creed (school governor) talked to Year 2 about working in the bakery section in the local Sainsburys store. She also discussed with them her memories of when her sons were pupils at our school.


Mr Evan Chapman (school governor) talked to Year 2 about working at Cardiff Museum.


Mr Graham Scott and Ms Stepanie Lehman brought in ICT equipment to show the children. They are IT technicians.